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Designing Future Kopitiams

Design Singapore Council commissioned NOK to research and design for local Food Courts and Kopitiams.

The project outcome is a series of innovative solutions to inspire and convince F&B businesses that design innovation can solve productivity issues and create delightful experiences.


Design ethnographic research was conducted to uncover the insights behind the behaviours and experiences in the ‘Kopitiams’ and food courts.


Deep-dive design research was done to gain understanding of the Food & Beverage (F&B) user/stakeholders behaviours, needs and motivations through research methodologies like observation techniques, task analysis and interviews.


All the research was brought back to the office where the team ‘unpacks’ information in the form of pictures of users, post-its with quotes, user journey maps and more.


All research findings are unpacked and documented in depth. We ask the question WHY? at each touchpoint and interaction to uncover meaningful insights to design for.


A two day design workshop was conducted with the participation of six local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food industry who are aspiring to improve and expand their business.

Participants went through a guided design thinking process and came up with innovative solutions on their elected topic of interest.


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