NextOfKin Creatives

KEAS Mov1.

Premium Ceramic Wireless Speaker

Sound of Class

KEAS, a Korean premium lifestyle electronics brand, enlisted our help to design a concept speaker combining speaker technology, ceramic art and rich fabric colors.

MOV1 is made a distinct piece of art that can enhance the sense of luxury any interior space.

Premium Sound

The ceramic bowl allows for a deeper sound with quality tuning, made perfect for any music genre.

Creation of an ART PIECE

With over 300 kiln hours and having gone through 20 steps of durability testing, each ceramic bowl is made to deepen the sound quality, improving any space with its depth of sound quality.

Recognised Craft

We crafted every single detail down from the carved pattern on the ceramics to choice of fabric to give it the consistent quality.

MOV1 has received prestigious design recognition with Red Dot Design Award (2015).


What we did

Visual Language
Product Design
Colours Material Finishes